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PP Capital BASIS

PP Capital BASIS is a balanced portfolio composed of ETFs which provide greater risk diversification via several asset classes such as equity, fixed income, and alternative investments. The strategy aims to protect and increase wealth over time. PP Capital BASIS is therefore suitable for investors who are looking for a solid base in their portfolio, where stable returns are delivered with a focus on avoiding large losses due to market turmoil. PP Capital BASIS was listed on 26.04.2019.

The portfolio composition of PP Capital BASIS is based on a diversified portfolio consisting of shares, bonds and alternatives. The investments are made in relatively inexpensive and efficient index funds: ETFs. The choice and weighting of the optimal asset classes and ETFs is carried out on the basis of a deep analysis of the macroeconomic situation and market developments. In better economic times, the share of equities increases, while in less rosy periods, a great allocation is invested in bonds. The goal is to deliver a stable return over time, using the right balance among the various asset classes.

PP Capital BASIS is accumulative and subject to the rules of section 19 of the Equity Profit Taxation Act on tax-free investments. Funds covered by the company scheme, VSO, can therefore be invested in PP Capital BASIS. The mutual funds described on this site are not directed towards nor intended for United States residents and residents of other countries who temporarily reside in the United States. This is not a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell, products or services in the United States of America by any corporation, partnership, or entity under the laws of the United States of America which is subject to United States tax regulation. No United States residents or residents of other countries who are temporarily present in the United States may purchase any products or services from PP Capital, and PP Capital will not accept an application to purchase investment funds from any such person.

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Acquiring BASIS

You can acquire PP Capital BASIS, DK0061137452, through your own bank.

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Sustainable investing

We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a significant and exciting collaboration with the Danish fintech company, Matter, who specializes in sustainable investments. Read the Portfolio Sustainability Analysis below and see how PP Capital BASIS perform on Matter’s sustainability parameters in the Downturn phase.

BASIS perform better than benchmark measured on CO2 emission, in the Downturn phase


BASIS has a lower exposure, than benchmark, to companies flagged for controversial topics

17% of the holdings are beneficial companies meaning that they add cultural value or benefit the environment

Investment approach

The fund primarily invests in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), foreign UCITS (or branches thereof) as well as units in Danish UCITS or branches thereof in accordance with the provisions hereof in the Act on UCITS etc. In order to achieve appropriate risk diversification, we aim to distribute the portfolio to at least 6 ETFs and / or mutual funds. The investments are made on the basis of leading economic indicators developed by PP Capital Asset Management. The leading economic indicators must be seen in relation to the economic activity and therefore indicate the expectation for the business cycle. The indicators divide the business cycle into four stages under the terms: Recovery, Expansion, Downturn and Slowdown. Shares are overweight in the Recovery and Expansion phases by approx. 60%, while bonds are overweight in Downturn and Slowdown by approx. 60%.

Formueudvikling gennem årene

Active allocation

The investments are made on the basis of leading economic indicators. These help predict turning points in the economy. In favorable economic environments the allocation towards equities increases and in poor economic environments the allocation towards bonds increases. The objective is to provide stable returns over time, using the appropriate balance between different asset classes.

Formueudvikling gennem årene

Investment strategy

PP Capital BASIS primarily invest in Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs) as these are favorable compared to traditional investment funds. ETFs are cost-efficient, fully transparent and provide good opportunities to diversify investments between countries and asset classes.

The investment procedure, behind PP Capital BASIS, include a number of quality measurements in the selection of ETFs. First, all ETFs must be listed, and follow liquidity index and benchmarks. This gives us the option to get cheap and exact exposure to both, equities, bonds and alternative investments. Second, all ETFs are required to have large AUM, low management- and subscription fees and lastly all ETFs must be UCITS approved. Following these requirements, we are able to construct a stable and cost efficient portfolio.

Allocation approach
PP Capital BASIS can include both equities, bonds and alternative investments. The allocation towards equities remain at approximately 20-70%, while bonds are expected to constitute 70% of the portfolio or a minimum of 20%. Alternatives will constitute between 5 – 30%.

PP Capital BASIS does not use a benchmark, as the goal is to create absolute returns despite the general market development.

Sverrir Sverrisson

Partner & CIO

“Using active allocation in cost efficient ETF’s, PP Capital BASIS is a solid base in your portfolio, delivering stable returns over time“

- Sverrir Sverrisson

Foundation for your portfolio

By including PP Capital in your portfolio you get:

A stable return over time

using the right balance among asset classes

Avoiding large losses

in periods with market turmoil

A high degree of diversification

between countries and asset classes

Active allocation

based on deep analysis of the macroeconomic situation

Cost-efficient and fully transparant

by primarily investing in ETFs

Opportunity to combine

with other asset classes or investment solutions

Fee structure

PP Capital BASIS has a current running admin and management cost of 1,05%. The total annual cost (ÅOP) is estimated at 1,11%. BASIS has no performance fee.


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