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PP Capital StockPick

StockPick is an actively managed investment strategy with the goal of providing the highest possible return, taking into account risk. To find the best investments, the investment department uses an analytical approach, where stocks are evaluated based on a 7-factor scoring system that encompasses a thorough analysis of the business profile and underlying fundamentals. To deliver the best return, the fund has the option to invest globally. Nordic equities typically constitute the lion’s share of the fund's total market value. The investment strategy seeks to create an attractive, long-term return on investment with a time horizon of at least five years.

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Acquiring Stockpick

You can acquire PP Capital Stockpick, DK0061075678, through your own bank.

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Sustainable investing

We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a significant and exciting collaboration with the Danish fintech company, Matter, who specializes in sustainable investments. Read the Portfolio Sustainability Analysis below and see how PP Capital Stockpick perform on Matter’s sustainability parameters.

Stockpick perform better than selected benchmarks on most environmental metrics

Stockpick does not hold any equities flagged for significant controversial topics such as weapons, corruption tobacco or fossil fuels

Stockpick does not hold any companies, who owns reserves of oil, coal or gas

Investment strategy

StockPick follows the same investment strategy as PP Capital’s “Stabile Aktier”, where the investment team, analyzes companies based on a thoroughly tested investment model.

Investment goal and horizon
The goal is to deliver an average annual return of 13-15%, thereby creating absolute, attractive and long-term returns. The fund is suitable for investors with an investment horizon at minimum 5 years.

Investment policy
The fund has the opportunity to invest in a global portfolio that includes 17 to 30 listed companies. Central to the selection of an investment is whether it has a protected and long-term growth potential, which is the key to calculating the expected long-term return. Stockpick only includes solid companies, generating good absolute returns and stability through financial crisis. The fund does not intend to use derivate financial instruments and may not invest in non-listed companies. Risk is managed by allocating more towards cash.

StockPick does not use benchmark as the objective is to generate absolute returns.

Sverrir Sverrisson

Chief Investment Officer

“Central to the selection of an investment is whether it has a protected and long-term growth potential, which is the key to calculating the expected long-term return.”

Fee structure

Stockpick has a current admin and management cost of 0,75% of market value. There is a potential performance fee, based on a “hard hurdle rate”, if return exceeds 8 percent per year a performance fee of 25 percent of the excess return that year applies. Please see the prospectus attached for further details. Distribution costs are estimated at 0,25 percent annually


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